Strategies to Crack Both the Prelims and Mains Exam of Civil Services

Civil services exam is conducted in three stages that are prelims, mains and interview. Every stage requires the best out of the best preparation on the part of students to crack this exam. Help from professional teachers is very essential to clear this exam. IAS mains exam coaching given by IIIASA in Jaipur is considered as the best IAS coaching institute in jaipur for the preparation of mains exam.

Strategies For Mains Exam of Civil Services

Students can take similar coaching for prelims exam as well. Students who lack strategy in their preparation have to confront with the failures in this exam. Here are some tips which are significant to the students for the preparation of both prelims and mains exam.

Current Affairs Preparation Strategies for UPSC Prelims Exam

A major section is devoted to the current affairs in prelims exam of civil services. As a consequence of which it becomes very crucial to prepare current affairs meticulously. IAS exam coaching in jaipur for current affairs preparation given by IIIASA is very helpful for this purpose.

Experienced teachers in the coaching academy prepare the students for this challenge of current affairs with a proper strategy. Students are suggested to follow some important newspapers and magazine which are significant as per the exam point of view. Set of important questions which could be expected in the prelims exam of UPSC civil services are prepared by the teachers.

Students are asked to solve those questions to increase their confidence. In this way teachers of the coaching institute in IIIASA get their students ready for current affairs in exam and IIIASA is considered as best IAS coaching institute jaipur.

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Important Tips for General Studies Exam of IAS Mains

There are four papers of general studies in the mains exam of civil services. Each paper is comprises of 250 marks. That is why it becomes very significant to prepare very cautiously at every step.

Teachers suggest some books and resources to the students for the preparation of every single paper of general studies. These papers are based on History, Geography, Polity, Ethics and some other important disciplines.

It is important to have concept clarity for writing these papers. This is because questions asked in these papers are based on critical approach towards the topic rather than knowledge and awareness. Civil services coaching given by IIIASA take care of all these needs of the students for the preparation of IAS.

That is why most of the students taking coaching from IIIASA in Jaipur are able to crack the exam more often.

Best way to prepare the Optional Subject of Civil Services Paper

Different students chose a different subject for their optional paper of IAS. As a result of which a great attention is required from the teachers towards the students of all optional subject. The help needed for the optional paper by all the students cannot be fulfilled by a single teacher.

IIIASA is very particular regarding the preparation of optional paper in IAS. IAS optional paper coaching help given by IIIASA is the best help which deals with every single student individually. One thing that is most significant for the students to prepare the optional paper is opting a right subject. 

A subject which can help the students in prelims as well as mains should be chosen by students. It can reduce the hard work to a significant amount foe the students.

How to Prepare the Essay Paper in Mains Exam of UPSC

A paper of Essay is also given to the students in their mains. Most of the students fail to make a good score in their essay paper. This is because they do not prepare from the very beginning for this paper and take it otherwise. Preparing facts and current affairs is not sufficient for this paper, practice is also very essential to get a good score.

Students are supposed to start writing some essays from the beginning of their preparation. This habit will make them professionals gradually and they would be able to score high in the essay paper.

Get UPSC prelims 2018 coaching from IIIASA in Jaipur this time and crack the exam confidently to make a successful future.


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