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How to remove Browser Virus?

What is browser hijacker?
Browser hijacker is a kind of infection which is meant to change the browser’s setting. Browser hijacker will improve the search result with its search engine, or you can say existing homepage and default search engine will turn without your permission.
Once infected with the browser hijacker it will significantly decrease the browsing speed which you may see and experience while surfing. Your computer scene will also see the multiple toolbars on your web browser at the top of web page.
It will show a lot of advertisements and pop up ads. It is categorized as a detrimental browser hijack virus, designed with advanced hack techniques that can interfere with Internet users’ regular online activities.
This redirect virus can infiltrate into users’ computers when they browse websites that have been hacked by the cyber hackers.
It is possible for the computer to get infected by browser hijacker virus via downloading potentially unwanted programs (PUP) from the Inte…