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What is Pup.Suptab?

SupTab is a suspicious application, engaged with different adware exercises. HpUI.exe is the primary executable record running the SupTab program. The engineers of SupTab publicize it as an instrument that will enhance your perusing knowledge. Truth be told, this is a Potentially Unwanted Program that may not be as a profitable expansion to your framework as its creators guarantee. One of the main side effects that should influence you to question the authenticity of this program is that HpUI.exe most likely just "showed up' on your framework. The applications keep running by this executable document, may wind up plainly irritating to you by reliably indicating ads to supported sites. Despite the fact that at first sight this program doesn't appear to be exceptionally debilitating, it is the extra projects, tagging along SupTab that represent a more serious hazard.


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PUP.Optional.SupTab.A is esteemed as conceivably undesirable program that performs malevolent activities once introduced on the PC. This discovery by Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program is given to particular programming that client may alternatively introduce together with outsider application. Be that as it may, because of absence of notice amid the introduce procedure, PUP.Optional.SupTab.A regularly gets into the PC without client's information.

How is SupTab Distributed?

SupTab has an official Web page however once in a while do clients download the program from that point. It more often than not introduces into their framework as a package. This is an exceptionally basic dissemination strategy for Potentially Unwanted Programs. There are many paid PC programs over the Internet, yet some of the time individuals choose to abstain from paying and download a free programming. As a rule, these freeware programs are less effective than their paid adversaries, as well as join some extra applications. As a common Potentially Unwanted Program, SupTab may utilize certain methods for circulation, for example, rebel Flash or Java refresh pages or phony video codecs, 'required' to watch recordings on the web.

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In the event that you can't review deliberately introducing the SupTab, in all likelihood it depended on one of these strategies.

What Makes SupTab a Potentially Unwanted Program?

HpUI.exe is the driving document for SupTab (otherwise called Lightning new tab) or Search Protect. These applications are advanced on numerous sites as accommodating expansions for Internet Explorer, which implies that right now they are not pertinent to other Web programs, for example, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. They might be referred to by different names too yet in the end it is a similar program. In the event that you can discover HpUI.exe on your framework, yet there is no indication of SupTab, Lightning new tab or Search Protect, you surely have another program, identified with them.

Suptab Virus

HpUI.exe and SupTab are not named undermining. They may have irritating outcomes, however the results from them won't destroy to the framework. Any program you have on your PC utilizes the framework assets, so you may discover your PC slower than common, and there are even reports of framework crashes. Be that as it may, the genuine issue is that they frequently come packaged with different projects that may end up being destructive. One of these extra projects is a program ruffian that regularly prompts which ought to dependably be considered important. 

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Awesomehp program ruffian may gather perusing data, divert you to suspicious destinations and back off your perusing speed. Your landing page might be changed. will surely utilize distinctive techniques to abstain from distinguishing and evacuating. This program robber may include an augmentation with the name IETabPage Class, which thus will be extremely hard to evacuate in light of the fact that the Internet Explorer settings are now adjusted.

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Another danger that may show up because of HpUI.exe is the program ruffian. It is worked by a Chinese organization and advances a wide range of junkware, meanwhile changing and moderating your program. There are a few different criminals, related with HpUI.exe too. Considering this, you can take a gander at the procedure HpUI.exe as an indication of a risk at present in your framework.

Threat Profile

Name of the danger:                            SupTab
Order or record name:                         SupTab.dll                
Danger sort:                                         Thief
Influenced OS:                                     Win32 (Windows XP, Vista/7, 8/8.1, Windows 10)
Influenced programs:                           Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari

SupTAB is a criminal kind of malware, which is implanted in eminent programs like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. It changes your landing page and web index. So in list items you may see supported connections, distinctive standards, fly up alarms, and so on. SupTAB may prescribe you to introduce counterfeit accommodating programming. There is the reason we prescribe you to erase SupTab from your PC.

Suptab adware

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Threat Behavior


In regular circumstance, PUP.Optional.SupTab.A is packaged to freeware or shareware applications. Truth be told, there might be other undesirable projects that are pressed to the primary programming that clients wanted to get. Creators behind noxious projects are using pay-per-introduce plan to convey their items over the Internet.
There are additionally cases that malware are being utilized to convey PUP.Optional.SupTab.A. For this situation, the danger can be gained when going to vindictive site pages, downloading traded off records, or utilizing document sharing applications. Connections from spam messages and web-based social networking locales are likewise one medium devoured by aggressor to spread PUP.Optional.SupTab.A.


When PUP.Optional.SupTab.A is keep running on the PC, it targets generally known programs like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. This risk performs changes on program settings that may result to landing page seizing and program divert issues. PUP.Optional.SupTab.A additionally drops expansion, add-on, and module to accomplish different noxious errands.

To begin quickly when program is opened, PUP.Optional.SupTab.A introduces itself as program assistant question. This likewise gives the malware to have control on the program and introduce its own particular internet searcher and toolbar question.

Side effects

Nearness of PUP.Optional.SupTab.A influences your introduced program. Here are some undeniable signs that the malware has attacked the PC.
  1. Adjusted begin page, landing page or internet searcher
  2. Steady divert to undesirable sites
  3. Unnecessary show of fly up promotions
  4. Program and new tabs opens without anyone else

What would you be able to do Against HpUI.exe?

To abstain from downloading HpUI.exe and introducing any of the projects it oversees, PC security specialists encourage to be to a great degree cautious when you look through a product over the Internet. Set aside your opportunity to check the authenticity of the destinations you plan to download from. Continuously read each page of the establishment procedure to check whether there is some extra programming along your coveted one. On the off chance that you discover any, uncheck it and safely proceed with the establishment procedure.

On the off chance that you as of now have SupTab or HpUI.exe exhibit in your framework, it is of critical significance to evacuate it at the earliest opportunity. Be that as it may, you can't expel HpUI.exe without taking activities against the applications that are controlled by it - like SupTab and Search Protect. They should all be expelled at the same time and totally. This is the reason the best alternative is to utilize a unique against malware program that will be prepared to do rapidly and proficiently evacuating SupTab or HpUI.exe and all documents and projects related with it. Likewise, when the unique hostile to malware program plays out a full framework check, you will see whether there are different dangers. Additionally, you will be safeguarded later on from other Potentially Unwanted Programs and different dangers.

PUP.SupTab creates the following file(s):

File Name
Detection Count
\??\C:\Program Files\SupTab\cfgdrv32.cfg
\??\C:\Program Files (x86)\SupTab\cfgdrv64.cfg


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