Chromium Browser - How To Remove Fake Chromium Browser From Computer

What is Chromium?

Chromium is an open source web browser made by Google, which Google Chrome depends on.

As Chromium is open source, it can be downloaded by anybody, adjusted, and afterward incorporated into a working web browser. While Chromium is typically not utilized for unwanted purposes, there are the individuals who make adjusted renditions of Chromium to show unwanted commercials on a PC.

In the event that your PC all of a sudden has the Chromium browser introduced and you didn't introduce it physically, at that point you in all likelihood have an adware or unwanted form of Chromium introduced on the PC. 

Unwanted Chromium browser establishments normally are intended to show a landing page that you don't need, show commercials, or are packaged with unwanted augmentations.

Fake Chromium Browser

For instance, the one I as of late took a gander at accompanies an expansion called Management that causes the Yahoo web index to be the browser's landing page.


These browsers utilize a 'virtual layer' to create different meddling on the web ads. By and large, advertisements created by rebel Chromium-based browsers divert to different web based business websites (for instance, online stores), notwithstanding, some prompt vindictive destinations that are probably going to contain irresistible substance.

Clicking these advertisements is hazardous and may prompt high-chance adware or malware contaminations. 

Besides, tricky Chromium-based browsers persistently track Internet perusing action and assemble perusing related information, which is later imparted to participating outsider organizations. Know that that a portion of the gathered data might be by and by identifiable and there is a high likelihood that private information will be abused. In this way, having a data following application introduced can prompt genuine security issues or even fraud.

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You can tell that Chromium is introduced on the off chance that you all of a sudden have a Chromium symbol on your Windows desktop. This symbol resembles the picture underneath.

How was Chromium Installed on My Computer?

On the off chance that you deliberately downloaded a Chromium venture, at that point there is nothing to stress over. 

Then again, on the off chance that you find that Chromium has been introduced on your PC and you don't know how, at that point it was in all likelihood packaged with free projects you can download off of the Internet.

In this way, it is essential that you focus on the permit assentions and establishment screens when introducing anything off of the Internet. 

In the event that an establishment screen offers you Custom or Advanced establishment choices, it is a smart thought to choose these as they will regularly uncover what other outsider programming will likewise be introduced. 

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Moreover, If the permit understanding or establishment screens express that they will introduce a toolbar or other unwanted adware, it is prompted that you drop the introduce and not utilize the free programming. 

As beforehand stated, Chromium in itself is a totally real program. Then again, as there are a few people disperse unwanted forms and in the event that you had not introduced it yourself, at that point you likely would not need it on your PC.

There are several questionable Chromium-based browsers, for example, Olcinium, eFast, Qword, BrowserAir, Chedot, MyBrowser, Fusion, BeagleBrowser, Tortuga, and Torch. 

At first, these applications may seem honest to goodness and valuable, since all claim to altogether enhance Internet perusing velocity, security, and give other perusing related highlights. 

These false claims are simply endeavors to trap clients to introduce. Fake applications are planned just to produce income for the designers. 

As opposed to giving any noteworthy incentive to clients, they cause unwanted browser diverts, convey meddlesome online commercials, and track Internet perusing movement, in this manner putting clients' protection and framework security in danger. 

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Most questionable Chromium-based browsers are dispersed utilizing a misleading programming showcasing strategy called 'packaging' - stealth establishment of extra projects with general programming/applications. 

Research demonstrates that numerous clients don't anticipate that conceivably unwanted projects will be covered inside the 'Custom' or 'Propelled' settings. 

They surge the download and establishment forms, skip most/all means, and frequently incidentally introduce rebel applications.

How to maintain a strategic distance from establishment of possibly unwanted applications?

Conceivably unwanted projects are normally covered up inside the 'Custom' or 'Propelled' settings. 

In this way, just by giving careful consideration and dissecting each progression of the product download and establishment forms, will you have the capacity to shield your framework from adware-sort diseases. 

Packaged programming is generally rebel and, along these lines, you ought to never acknowledge any offers to introduce outsider projects.

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Removing Chromium from Windows

Removing Chromium through the All Programs List

To remove Chromium through the All Programs list, do the following:
1.     Click on Start Menu, and then click on All Programs.
2.     Click on the Chromium folder, and then choose Uninstall Chromium.
3.     Click Uninstall in the pop up dialog box.

Remove from all program list

Removing Chromium using the Control Panel

To remove Chromium using the Control Panel, do the following:
1.     Open Control Panel, and choose Uninstall a program.
2.     Choose Chromium from the list of programs, and then click on the Uninstall button.

Remove from control Panel

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    Click Uninstall in the dialog dialog box.

Press Uninstall

Removing Chromium user data and settings

To clear your computer of Chromium bookmarks, browsing history, and cookies, do the following:
1.     Click on Start Menu button, and search for Folder Options
2.     Click on Folder Options, and under the View tab. enable Show hidden files, folders, and drives.
3.     Go to Computer/Local Disk (C:)/Users/(your username)/AppData/.
4.     Open the Local and Roaming folders, and if you see a Chromium folder inside either of them, remove it.

Removing from user data


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